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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Track 41: Popcorn

Why did Justin watch New Moon at the movies?

Reason No.1: Ashely Greene


Reason No.2: The Russet Brown Wolf


Reason No.3: Popcorn

and who would have thought there would actually be a site where awareness is raised on how nutritious and versatile popcorn is. personally, i was taken by surprise when i was Yahoo!-ing for popcorn pics.

check it out:

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 41.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Track 40: Sigh

You didn't actually think I was ACTUALLY going to leave this blog to rot did you?
(I'm pretty sure you did)
BUT, i'm back!

Er...yea. That's all for now.

But I'll leave ya'll with something to ponder on.

Ever felt like you'd just wanna give up on that someone, knowing that you're incompatible?
Even so, that someone just keeps you hooked on him/her?
What would ja do? How would ja feel?

Ever fell out of a car? (car being stationary counts)


Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 40.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Track 39: Hello Kitty Ruler

School starting in about 8 hours.
Finals? In about 8 hours and 3 Weeks.

Look around.
You'll see blogs.
Over 100 posts each.
And where do I stand?
No. 39

So, to up my game in blogging,
today I'll be posting on.


As many of you know,
I DO have a hello kitty ruler.
Being privileged as I am to actually own one,
I'm gonna take the liberty to describe it to you.


It's a transparent, plastic ruler.
Smooth-lined on one side, jagged on the other.
Ranged from 0-17cm.
Due to a broken of chip, it now ranges from 0-15.5cm.
It's dusty and full of dirt marks.
Has 3 color-outlined hello kitty heads on it.
Blue on the left, red in the middle and yellow on the right.
Covered with flowers and lollipops and hearts and a teapot
Has a Minie Mouse tape behind it.
HELLO KITTY is spelled on it too.

And that's all for my hello kitty ruler.
Get one.
It's macho.

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 39.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Track 38: And you are?

Quick update.
I need your links.
Lost my links to all you wonderful readers.
(*note: you guys are really wonderful to be checking up on my dead blog)
Cbox me your links my fine friends.
See ya.
Kiss me. XOXO

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 38.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Track 37: Of Agony and Ecstasy

Ever had one of those days,
When you'd be missing someone?
Though all that's happen between them,
has been left in World War 2.
Knowing that they're at the next chapter,
Knowing that you've reached the epilogue.
You'd hope that nothing will rekindle,
though nothing happens,
nothing again,
you'd be in insomnia,
because of what may haunt you.
Feelings, memories, worries,
about what's been shared,
about what could have been.

Then would you have ever had those other days,
When you'd be thinking about someone?
A new paperback,
with it's story you'd be eager to know,
Yet you'd carry uncertainty, curiosity,
Be it be true feelings,
or mediocre affection?
Still you'd ponder,
wondering what may be in stored.
or what you may share.
Blinded and walking the plank,
praying that the drop be shallow.
Hoping that we'd stop building castles in the sand box,
Hoping that we'd be sharing the same ice-cream.

Agony and ecstasy.

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 37.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Track 36: One Huge KingKong Tree

so, things are turning out well.
I'm still blogging.

was surfing the net to get a good blog skin,
or blog template,
or blog layout,
what ever you call it.
it was really ticklish that was i was so interested in loads of blog skins.
i downloaded at least 10 blogs skin codes.
there were some that i really liked,
but they had that navigation thing my sis always is against,
so i decided to go with a simple one page blog skin.
yet there were so many to chose from,

in the end,
i ended up with this.
i like it.
hope you do too.

by the way,
links will be up soon enough.
abit lazy to re-link everyone right now.
one step at a time.

so yea.
at least i updated.

like i previously posted,
i might post up a story like some of my friends are doing,
hah, we'll see how it goes.
untill the next track!

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 36.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Track 35: He LIVES!

I'm getting pathetic.
Never had I thought I'd find myself having difficulty blogging.
There used to be a theory that you'll find me blogging once every holidays.
Now the case is that I blog every itch at pancreas.
The thing is you don't itch at the pancreas.

I'm working hard.
Trying to blog every now and then.
Though the blogging feeling comes and goes,
With the grace of God,
Hopefully this blog won't die.


Pray that I shall blog once again.
Be it be later, tomorrow, the day after or next week.
Let it be soon.
Who knows?
I may just have a story put up.

Thanks for listening.
Tune in again.
End of Track 35.